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Heart Disease and Stroke Kill More African Americans

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MedPage Today -

 Cardiovascular disease led to the loss of more than 2 millions years of life in the African-American population between 1999 and 2010.
A new scientific statement from the American Heart Association, Cardiovascular Health in African Americans, makes clear that, compared to whites, African Americans suffer disproportionately from cardiovascular disease and have not benefited equally from the long-term population-wide reductions in heart disease and stroke.

Large disparities in overall health in general and cardiovascular disease in particular have long been known to exist in African Americans. The new report finds little improvement in the past decade.

In 2012, life expectancy of African American was 75.5 years compared with 78.9 years for whites -- a discrepancy of 3.4 years. According to the CDC, cardiovascular disease accounts for 32% of the difference in men and 43% of the difference in women. Cardiovascular disease also starts earlier in African Americans.

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