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Q. How do I Submit my screening for insurance reimbursement?

A. Government insurances (Medicare and Medicaid) do not cover the cost of some screenings, such as the vascular screening provided by Life Line Screening.  Most private insurance companies do not cover the cost of these screenings either, although with an increased focus on wellness and disease prevention, that may change in the future.

For those customers that believe their insurance company will cover the cost of screenings, we have provided a “Medicare Denial Code” and a Tax ID number on their receipt. (Our denial code is actually a procedure code that prompts a denial from Medicare.) This allows the customer to bill directly to his or her insurance company.  When Medicare is the primary insurance, the secondary insurance requires Medicare be billed first. Therefore, the Medicare eligible customer must first present a receipt (with the denial code) to Medicare. Medicare will deny the claim and forward it on to the secondary insurance company.  The tax identification number is provided in lieu of the PIN-Provider Identification Number – which all physicians and hospitals are required to submit with claims.

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