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Understanding Health Screening Results

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When and how will I receive my health screening results?

A. We mail results to you within 15 days. However, if we find a condition that requires immediate attention, we will notify you on the day of your screening. If you take a finger-stick blood screening, those results will be available in 10 minutes.

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Q. Why does it take up to 15 days to receive my results?

A. Board-certified physicians review your results first, and then send them on for processing and mailing. If we find a condition that requires immediate attention, we will notify you on the day of your screening.*

*Please note that Texas residents will not receive critical results until doctor reviews.



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Q. Who reviews the health screening results?

A. Licensed, board-certified physicians review all your screening results. Our team of doctors includes vascular surgeons, cardiologists, and radiologists.

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Q. Will I receive the results of my general health screenings or will they be given directly to my doctor?

A. You receive the results of your screenings.  If we recommend you have further evaluation, we will include printed images of your carotid artery, AAA and atrial fibrillation (irregular heartbeat) screening results to share with your doctor.

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Q. Will I get my screening pictures back?

A. You will receive printed images of your screenings only if we are recommending that you see your physician for further evaluation. However, you will always receive a detailed written report.

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Q. Why don't your results give more detailed information?

A. Our screenings are designed to screen for problems, not to measure the severity of a condition. If our screenings alert you of a problem, you will need to consult with your physician about having more comprehensive testing.

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Q. What happens when a problem is identified?

A. If your results are not normal, you will receive a detailed report of the findings along with instructions to see your physician for further evaluation.

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