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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the objective of preventive health screenings?

A. Preventive health screenings are an affordable and effective way to identify hidden disease risk. For many people, getting screened is the first step in early intervention to prevent potential health events later in their lives. It helps people understand their risks so that they can consult with their doctor and take the right steps towards a healthier future.

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Q. Why should I have these screenings done if I have no symptoms?

A. Many people are at risk for diseases such as stroke and heart disease but experience no symptoms. Early detection and control can prevent major consequences down the road.

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Q. At what age should I be screened?

A. This is a personal decision, based on your risk factors and family history. For example, the National Stroke Association states that your risk of stroke increases with age and doubles every decade after age 55. We generally recommend vascular screening beginning at age 50; however, if you have diabetes, or a family history of stroke, heart disease, or AAA, talk to your doctor about getting screened after age 40.

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Q. How often should I have these general health screenings?

A. This is a personal decision based on your risk factors and previous screening results. Many of our customers incorporate yearly screenings into their preventive healthcare regimen to complement their regular physicals.

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Q. How can your company afford to do these professional health screenings for such a low cost?

A. By working in partnership with local institutions such as places of worship, YMCAs and other community organizations that act as our host sites, we do not have to maintain a brick-and-mortar building in every community we serve, which cuts down on our cost.

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Q. How long has Life Line Screening offered these services?

A. Life Line Screening has been in operation since 1993 and provides services throughout the contiguous United States with expansion abroad. Since inception, we have screened over 8 million people, and perform nearly 1 million screenings annually at over 20,000 events nationwide.

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Q. Is Life Line Screening a for-profit or not-for-profit organization?

A. We are for-profit, just like your doctor or dentist. Our goal is to make preventive health care affordable and available to people everywhere.

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Q. Are you affiliated with any hospital?

A. We are a non-referral vascular screening service. We partner with over 370 local hospitals across the country, but your medical information is kept private. All information and preventive health screening results are sent directly back to you to share with your own physician.

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Q. I work during the day. Can I schedule a screening later in the day?

A. We try to accommodate people’s work schedules with check-in times that are early in the day or during lunch. We also often offer later weekday screenings as well as some screenings on Saturdays.

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Q. I have a doctor. Why do I need Life Line Screening?

A. Your doctor is our partner. Doctors often recommend screenings, as they recognize the screenings can be an important complement to the care of a physician. We help you get the information you and your physician need to work toward improving your health.

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Q. Can my physician do this type of preventive health screening as part of my routine physical?

A. No. If you are asymptomatic, meaning you are not yet sick and feel well, but have risk factors such as age, family history of disease or certain health conditions, our nation’s system is not well designed to take preventive steps towards your good health. Once you have our screenings, your doctor can use our results to determine next steps, including ordering insurance-covered diagnostic testing and treatment if necessary.

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Q. Does Medicare or insurance cover professional health screenings?

A. Insurance coverage varies from policy to policy. We will provide you with a detailed receipt that can be submitted to your insurance company to determine coverage. You should also make a copy of your results to send along with the receipt.

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