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Our Partners

Partnering with Life Line Screening

From hospitals to community organizations, our partnerships help provide our customers with the most effective and meaningful health screenings possible.

Partnering with us is easy and offers all kinds of benefits—both to people in your community and to your organization. We offer a range of partnership opportunities for the medical community, corporate world, as well as community and employee groups of all kinds.

Whether you’re a member of the medical community, a local employee organization or even an insurance company, partnering with us is easy. Joining forces with Life Line Screening helps improve the well being of your customers, members and community.

To request more information on becoming a partner call 800.897.9177 or send us an email


Hospitals can provide community members with preventive health services at an affordable price by hosting or sponsoring screenings. We do not replace the services provided by hospitals, but rather we work with them to identify asymptomatic individuals with significant disease. There is no financial obligation.

Learn more about hospital partnerships

Visit our site specially-tailored for our hospitals and download a free guide to creating community-based healthcare programs.

Medical Community

We work with members of the medical community to achieve shared goals: maintaining patients’ wellness, preserving their vitality, and helping them lead fuller, richer lives.

Some of our many partnership opportunities include hosting, sponsoring or co-marketing a screening, or hosting one of our free health seminars. We also offer assistance in recruiting for clinical trials.

Learn more about health organization partnerships

Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment

Partnering with us offers a targeted strategy to identify qualified subjects for clinical trials. We screen more than 100,000 participants each month nationwide, and we can identify those who meet your core therapeutic criteria and live near study hospital sites. We can then send qualifying participants information about your trial as well as contact information for your research staff.

We maintain a strong, ongoing health-related relationship with our participants. This affiliation results in higher exposure to your trial and, consequently, higher response rates.

Business Organizations

We offer multiple business organization partnership solutions including offering a corporate wellness screening program to your employees and promoting prevention screenings to your clients. Our business partnership programs are flexible and can deliver services at your worksite or at our 20,000+ local community events per year.

Insurance Companies

Give your company the ability to improve both your members’ health and the your company’s financial wellbeing simultaneously. Our preventive health screenings increase people’s awareness of unrecognized health problems and encourage them to follow up with a physician—allowing you to help prevent catastrophic health events. There is no financial obligation to become an insurance company partner.

Corporate Health Fairs and Wellness Programs

A small or large business or union can achieve significant cost savings by partnering with us to provide corporate wellness programs and corporate health fairs. Our program creates an avenue for your employees to become educated, empowered, and encouraged to proactively take control of their health.

Our turnkey health screening program is ready within 90 days of contract, complete with local event manager, customized promotion tools, and one of our professional screening teams.

Community Groups

Partnering with us provides very real and simple ways to improve the health of your members. Whether you belong to a place of worship, senior center, or other community group, we can bring free educational workshops and affordable health screenings directly to your facility. As long as your space meets our requirements for a facility, we would be happy to schedule an event at your location.

Learn more about community group partnerships

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