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Clinical Trial Partners

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Partner with Life Line Screening for Successful Clinical Trial Recruitment

Recruit patients faster and more economically than alternatives currently available.

• National point of care platform and scale that can effectively screen individuals for clinical trial inclusion (15,000 locations.)

• Large scale patient touch, database and multi-channel reach (Nearly 700k patients per year, 7 million active database).

• Unique offering of preventive screenings, offered affordably and in communities nationwide:

• Ultrasounds for carotid artery plaque buildup, abdominal aortic aneurysm, peripheral artery disease and osteoporosis risk

• EKG for risk of atrial fibrillation

• Wide variety of blood screenings, including lipid panels, Hemoglobin A1c, hs-CRP.

• Customers age 50 to 80 with significant presence of disease and risk factors.

• Proactive consumers, motivated to improve their health.

• Employer of more than 400 clinical professionals, including Nurse Practitioners, Ultrasound Technologists and Med Techs who can perform a variety of pre-trial and post-trial clinical screenings.

• Ability to add new clinical tests and protocols to help recruit more effectively.

• Proven history of recruiting for more than 60 clinical trials.

Case Study—LLS On-Site Recruitment for Alzheimer’s Clinical Trial

• Target: 50-85 years of age and met medical criteria.

• Process: LLS offered and administered a cognitive screening with medical questions to patients attending LLS screening events.

• A dedicated staff person guided patients through the screening on a tablet. Results and consent delivered to Pharma Co. in real time

• Pilot took place on 5 out of 60 teams over ~3 weeks at 46 screening events.

• In less than 30 days, more than 1300 patients were screened (56% of event attendees).

• 178 (14%) passed initial qualifications and agreed to follow up contact.

• LLS recruitment 4x more effective than alternative methods. In less than 90 days, LLS can screen more than 75 people, yielding more than 10K patients for follow-up.

Clinical Trials flow

If you're interested in starting a clinical trial with us please reach out to Kelly Daubach by clicking here

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