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Myth Busters

Life Line Screening Reviews

Life Line Screening is dedicated to providing the highest quality preventive health screenings possible. And through our support of independent research through our Scientific Advisory Network (, our dedicated teams staffed by experienced ultrasound technologists, our board-certified physicians who review screening results, and our dedication to working with the latest technology, we stand by our quality assurance commitment. However, don’t just take our word for it.  Review Life Line Screening videos from the people who have experienced what we do first-hand and visit our research site to learn more about the high quality, affordable, and convenient screenings we provide and the evidence that supports them.

Personal and Professional Health Screening Reviews

If you have had a health screening and would like to share your own review with us, please contact Life Line Screening or leave your review on Twitter or Facebook!

Health Screening Review: Video Testimonial From Life Line Screening Participants
Watch powerful stories from some of Life Line Screening’s customers and learn how our health screenings. Most of the time, screening results are normal and the customer walks away with peace of mind.  However, in some cases, such as the real life stories here, potential health issues are identified enabling the person to do something about it before it is too late.

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