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Our Commitment

Prevention & Wellness Is Where Healthcare Should Start

Life Line Screening believes everyone should consider a prevention and wellness plan as a supplement to their regular healthcare. This of course is different for every individual, and Life Line Screening works to ensure that each person is offered the screenings that are most beneficial and appropriate to their needs.

Life Line Screening's Services Are Intended For Individuals With Relevant Health Risk Factors

Life Line Screening does not recommend every test we offer for everyone. Whether a test is right for you depends on your risk factors, your family history, your medical history, and your personal preferences regarding screening.

A Specific Note About Vascular Tests

We recommend these tests for individuals with identified risk factors for present or future cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack and stroke—major causes of death and disability in the United States. Risk factors include: being age 55 or over, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, a history of smoking, a family history of stroke or heart attack in a mother, father, sister or brother, and a personal medical history of other cardiovascular issues. The presence of some or all of these risk factors increases the likelihood that cardiovascular disease (as a result of what is called atherosclerosis or “hardening of the arteries”) may occur. Early identification of atherosclerosis is important in allowing you and your doctor to make changes in your life which may prevent the development and progression of these potentially life threatening illnesses.

Medical Science Is Constantly Evolving

Many prestigious groups recognize the risk factors mentioned above as serious risk factors for cardiovascular disease. You can find discussion of these risk factors on many organizations’ websites, including the American Stroke Association, the National Stroke Association and the American Heart Association.*

We believe that early identification of these risk factors can help determine a person’s risk for stroke or heart attack and could impact the type of medical care that person may need. Our own data compiled from the over 8 million people whom we have screened confirms these risk factors. We are currently collaborating with New York University School of Medicine and Medical Center, Oxford University, and the University of California San Francisco to help further understand the relationships between these risk factors and the development and prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Please note: while we provide data to these institutions for analysis, we do not pay any of the researchers and research is done independently.

Always Consult With Your Doctor

If you choose to call us, one of our medical associates will be happy to discuss this with you and try and point you in the right direction for tests which are most appropriate for you as an individual and away from those which are not appropriate for you. Naturally, you should also avail yourself of the advice of your family doctor who knows you best. 


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