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14 Point Promise

Before Your Screening, We Promise To:

1. Treat you with courtesy and respect, and protect your privacy at all times. Before Your Screening

2. Help you locate a convenient Life Line Screening event in your community and schedule your appointment.

3. Provide screening instructions and easy to understand answers to all of your screening questions.

4. Keep our services affordable while maintaining the highest standards of quality.

During Your Screening, We Promise To:

5. Acknowledge and welcome you as you arrive for your appointment.

6. Provide a fully trained staff of health care professionals to perform your screening. During Your Screening

7. Ensure that you are comfortable and well informed during the screening process.

8. Use hospital-quality equipment and clinically sound procedures to ensure the most accurate results.

9. Complete all of your screenings within 90 minutes or less. We value your time.

10. Inform you, confidentially, in the unlikely instance that we believe you need immediate medical attention.

After Your Screening, We Promise To:

11. Use only highly trained Board-Certified Physicians to review screenings. After Your Screening

12. Deliver a comprehensive, timely and easy to understand written report of results that you can share with your doctor.

13. Support your decision to take control of your health and wellness by providing you with regular communication that continues to make you aware of medically relevant developments.

14. Help you schedule future visits so you can continue on the path of prevention and a healthy life.


Colin Scully

Colin Scully,
Chairman and CEO 

Dr. Andrew Manganaro

Andrew Manganaro, MD, FACS, FACC
Chief Medical Officer

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