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Career Fair FAQs

Should I attend a career fair?

Any new graduate or qualified experienced professional interested in working at a growing organization dedicate to prevention and wellness.

Who will I interview with at a career fair?

Most often you will interview with the Hiring Manager also known as the District Field Officer, as well as other personnel from within our organizations. To find out who you are interviewing with prior to the job fair, you may contact us at

What should I bring to the career fair?

A copy of your resume and a pen. If you reserve your career fair interview time in advance with a Life Line Screening Talent Acquisition Specialist, you may be asked to bring additional items.

What should I wear?

When in doubt, we highly recommend business casual. If you are medical professional, such as a medical assistant, scrubs are appropriate as well.

How many individuals that attend a career fair are hired on?

On average, roughly 30% of candidates we interview at a job fair are hired on. We have had extremely successful career fairs where 50% of candidates who attended were hired on, while other career fairs we ended up hiring only 2% of the interviewed attendees. Our career fair hire rate is dependent upon the number of open positions in that city and the number of qualified candidates interviewed at the career fair that move through the interview process successfully.

Will I receive an offer the same day as the career fair?

Most often, no. Our goal is to hire on candidates in a timely manner. The entire interview process, if selected to move forward, is typically two weeks. Following your interview at the job fair, an on-site interview with your team, a clinical assessment, and a background check may be required before an offer is made.

Will food or drinks be provided?

Most often, drinks such as water, coffee and tea are provided.

What if I can't make the career fair?

If you cannot make the career fair, please visit our job board to search for a specific position and apply. Your resume will be routed to the Talent Acquisition Specialist at Life Line Screening and Life Line Community Healthcare. Click here to search and apply now.

What if I don't live near the city the career fair is being held in?

Career fairs are held for any qualified professional interested in an in person interview for a position in or near the city in which the job fair is held. However, since we offer relocation assistance for many full-time vascular ultrasound sonographer positions, we may conduct a phone interview. If you wish to relocate to a new city and are not able to attend the career fair for an interview, we invite you to apply on our application site. This will route your resume to the appropriate Talent Acquisition Specialist, whom may contact you for a phone interview. Click here to search and apply.

It is important to note, relocation assistance is not available for every full-time vascular ultrasound sonographer position. For full details on relocation assistance, ask the Talent Acquisition Specialist.

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