Database Administrator Developer

The SQL Server Database Administrator and Developer position will gain insight into many areas of the company. Working across many functions, including senior leadership, marketing, and finance, this position will play a key role in company data management.

Career Highlights

The SQL Server Database Administrator and Developer role at LLS is a person who understands the importance of high productivity development and production DBA responsibilities. This role supports organizational goals, organizes customer experience data, and reports on customer management and employee productivity. The person in this role works cross-functionally with marketing, finance, operations and software development teams while reporting to the application development manager.

  • Effective design of databases, including logical and physical data design, tables, normalization, primary and foreign keys, relationships, and data types
  • Experience writing and performance tuning of T-SQL queries
  • Ability to write and troubleshoot SQL code and design (stored procedures, functions, views, triggers, indexes, constraints)
  • Knowledge of how indexes and statistics affect database performance and storage requirements, including how to create and manage them
  • Establish SQL coding standards, naming conventions, and data access policies
  • Document the company’s database environment, policies, and procedures

Career Roles & Responsibilities

  • Managing and designing company databases in SQL Server (2005 through 2014)
  • Troubleshooting and resolving issues: database integrity, performance, blocking and deadlocking, replication and log shipping, connectivity, and security
  • When needed, performing backups, restores, implementing recovery models, database shrink operations, clustering, mirroring, and replication
  • Optimizing performance tuning, query optimization, using performance monitor, SQL Profiler and other related monitoring and troubleshooting tools

Career Requirements

  • 5+ years of experience in database development and support in MS SQL Server environments

Career Locations

Austin, TX or Independence, OH