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Our Featured Products

Heart Health & Diabetes Test​​

Measures the level of Vitamin D in your blood, which is important for bone and cell health.

Men's Health Test

Detects traces of blood in the stool, an important biomarker for colorectal cancer.

STD Test - Comprehensive​

Measures the level of glucose in your blood over the past 3 months, an indicator for risk for diabetes.


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Take Control of Your Health

At home lab testing makes it easy for you to monitor your health whenever you want, in the privacy of your own home, without compromising accuracy or quality. 

Private & Secure

Your privacy is our priority. We use discreet packaging so you can be confident ordering any test. The transmission and storage of data is HIPAA compliant.

CLIA Certified Labs

To ensure quality, analysis is performed in laboratories that are certified by CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988) and accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP).

Physician Reviewed Results

All test results are reviewed by an independent, board-certified physician in your state before the results are shared with you.

Find the Right Test for You

Men's Health

  • Men’s Health Hormone Test
  • Testosterone Test

General Wellness

  • Heart Health & Diabetes Test 
  • Vitamin D & Inflammation Test 
  • +2 More  

Women's Health

  • Women’s Health Hormone Test

How it Works


Order your kit

Find the test that’s right for you and order it online with our secure checkout. After you receive your kit at home, follow the directions in the box to register it.


Collect your sample

Review the step-by-step directions included in your kit and collect your sample. Mail it to our CLIA certified lab with the included prepaid shipping return mailer.


Receive accurate & actionable results

Within 2-5 days of the lab receiving your sample, you'll receive easy-to-understand, physician-reviewed results. Access your results online and share them with your physician.



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Get peace of mind or early detection for stroke and cardiovascular disease risk. Screenings are easy, painless and non-invasive.