Dementia B

Dementia Case Study

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Request and Challenge:

Life Line Screening (LLS) was hired to help recruit for a global clinical trial to assess the efficacy and safety of an investigational medication designed to slow the progression of Alzheimer's disease.

The fundamental challenge was identifying candidates who had early-stage Alzheimer's, or people just starting to have issues with memory loss or clear thinking.


LLS screens nearly 700,000 participants annually for risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease at almost 15,000 community screening events in 49 states. Screenings are performed by approximately 60 mobile teams. In total, LLS has more than 8 million patients in their database, including both screening test results and personal and family medical history.

LLS offered and administered a brief, client-designed cognitive screening to patients attending LLS screening events. These events were located within 20 miles of the client's investigator sites. The cognitive screening was administered on an iPad or tablet with results and consent delivered to the client in real time. All those who passed the screener were asked to select a local investigator site and consent to follow-up contact.


During a 2.5-month period, LLS administered the cognitive screening to 6,424 participants and referred 1,450 pre-qualified candidates to the client. The high rate of participants completing the cognitive screening is attributed to LLS's unique ability to explain the trial opportunity in a one-on-one setting.



2.5 months

Number of LLS Teams


Participants Screened at LLS Events


Took Cognitive Screening

6,424 (53.2%)

Passed, Consented and Referred to Client

1,450 (22.6%)