Multi-Trial Case Study

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Request and Challenge:

Life Line Screening (LLS) was hired by a prominent Site Management Organization to help recruit for a variety of clinical trials. Indications included high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoarthritis, and cardiovascular disease.

The fundamental challenge was not only to identify which participants were interested in participating in a clinical trial and pinpointing which trial matched their medical history, but to also have them schedule their initial office visit.


LLS screens nearly 700,000 participants annually for risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease at almost 15,000 community screening events in 49 states. Screenings are performed by approximately 60 mobile teams. In total, LLS has more than 8 million patients in their database, including both screening test results and personal and family medical history.

LLS had one-on-one consultations with participants during the screening events. These events were located within 20 miles of the client's investigator sites. During these private consultations, the participant's test results and medical history were discussed, and provided with an overview on clinical trials and the client. The client had representatives present at each screening event.

Interested participants completed a brief online questionnaire and provided consent. The participant was walked over to the client representative where they provided additional details and offered to schedule an initial office visit at a nearby investigator site.


During a 2-month period, LLS conducted one-on-one consultations with 4014 participants, with 1497 agreeing to speak to the client representative and 541 scheduling an initial office visit.



2 months

Number of LLS Teams


Participants Screened at LLS Events


Consultations Conducted

4,014 (92.9%)

Consented and Referred to Client

1,497 (37.3%)

Scheduled Initial Office Visit

541 (36.1%)