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How Heart Disease Increases Our Risk From COVID-19

Coronavirus coverage is everywhere, but between all the talk of case numbers, social distancing and flattening the curve, what you might have missed is just how dangerous COVID-19 is for people with existing heart conditions. In New York, 86% of all deaths had some other underlying illness or comorbidity. Heart disease is one of the most common of these co-morbidities, so it's especially important to understand your health and your risk.

Doctor checking woman’s thyroid
6 Things to Know About Thyroid Health
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10 Healthy Habits for People Over 50
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Heading for 40? Here Are The Preventive Screening To Consider
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Top 10 Preventive Screenings for People Over 50
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Why Are Preventive Screenings So Important?
Life Line Screening tech conducting carotid artery screening on female customer
Can You Trust Life Line Screening?
Home Test Kits
Latest Medical Trends: Home Health Kits
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What is Telehealth and How Does It Work?
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Am I at risk of severe illness with COVID-19?
diabetic man in mask getting glucose tested
How Diabetes Increases the Risk of Severe Illness with COVID-19
Doctor and patient in office with masks
Preventive Care Drops Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

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