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When you partner with Life Line Screening, you receive more than the services of the nation’s leading provider of community-based preventive health screenings. You receive our commitment to positively impact the people in the communities you serve. Life Line Screening's goal is to work with your organization, achieving shared goals, while ensuring the participant’s wellness, preserving their vitality and helping improve their lives.


  • Hospitals
  • Corporate Wellness
  • Health Plans
  • Businesses
  • Clinical Trial Recruitment
Through our hospital partnership program, our life-changing health screenings promote healthier living and strengthened communities. LLS can complement your hospital’s existing marketing and community outreach programs to further establish your organization as the hospital of choice.
We work with you to bring affordable, state-of-the-art health screening events right to your employees. Life Line can help you customize a screening program, choosing from our variety of preventive health services. As part of your corporate wellness events, Life Line screening results and recommendations can improve employee health while your company achieves a healthier bottom line with health care cost reduction.
Life Line Community Healthcare has a unique solution that can assist in improving clinical outcomes, identifying care gaps and improving HEDIS scores through our community based preventive care services. Closing gaps in care creates increased wellness and less need for medical services, such as ER visits, hospitalizations and other costly services.

A key benefit to being a member of an association or group are the perks and discounts that are included with an exclusive membership. With a national footprint, Life Line Screening has the capacity to engage members and empower them to take control of their own health through our community based preventive health screening services. Through co-branding, you can offer these services at no cost to you, while enhancing your membership benefit programs and passing on the privileged discount to your members.

Partnering with Life Line Screening allows you to develop deeper relationships with your members, enhance member wellness objectives and improve member's wellness pathways. LLS covers all marketing costs associated with member outreach and a partnership may also include revenue share opportunity.

We are an ideal partner for clinical trial recruitment; our unique business model makes it possible to recruit patients faster and more economically than current alternatives.

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“Our partnership with LLS has helped us to better serve our clients, while also helping them lead a healthier life...” –Hospital Partner

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