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Welcome, Current and Future Partners


Through our hospital partnership program, we are able to administer life changing health screenings — the end result being healthier living and strengthened communities. LLS can complement your hospital’s existing marketing and community outreach programs and extend your presence in the community as the hospital of choice.

Corporate Wellness

No matter where you are in the United States, Life Line Screening can work with you to bring state of the art health screening events right to your employees.  Life Line Screening can help you design a specific screening program combining tests from our long lists of preventive health services.  These affordable offerings support your corporate wellness events, boost employee morale and employee health and lead to a healthier bottom line with health care cost reduction.

Health Insurance Plans

LLCH has a unique solution that can assist in improving clinical outcomes, identifying care gaps and improving HEDIS scores through our community based preventive care services. Closing gaps in care creates increased wellness and less need for medical services, such as ER visits, hospitalizations and other costly services. 

Associations & Member Groups

No matter where you are in the US, we work with you to bring state of the art health screening events right to your members at no cost to you. Through co-branding, LLS offers life changing health services at a discounted rate that can assist in improving your member’s wellness pathway. 

Business Partnerships

Through business development, we emphasize programs and processes to develop growth opportunities within and between our partners.  Life Line Screening will drive intrinsic value, to mission aligned programs and community outreach to better serve our health motivated customers.

Clinical Trial Partnerships

Life Line Screening is an ideal partner for clinical trial recruitment; our unique business model makes it possible to recruit patients faster and more economically than current alternatives.

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