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"I'm a nurse, and I know that getting preventive screening is important. I got the all inclusive screening done through Life Line. It was a very nice experience. They were all very polite and very respectful. I just went for my physical today, and my doctor said he was very pleased with the test results from the screening. I don't know their machines, but it said what it's supposed to say. The price was also reasonable. In fact, I suggested that my brother go to Life Line."

There are many Life Line Screening reviews in many places across the Internet, and it can be overwhelming to read them all. In addition, those reviews can appear under variant spellings of our name, including "Lifeline Screening," "Life Screening," and even "Lifelock Complaints," which is a completely different company! So, let's talk about the reviews, the company's history, our appreciation for our customers, and how we respond to feedback.

Life Line Screening has been in business for than twenty years and has screened more than ten million people. A few years ago, we developed a sister company called Life Line Community Healthcare to offer Medicare covered services such as the Annual Wellness Exam. Life Line Screening reviews, then, cover years of service, millions of customers, vast geography, and two companies. For this reason, you may see things under LifeLine Screening 2018 or Life Line Screening reviews 2018, or any other year we've been in business, or reviews related to specific cities in which we screen –which is challenging because we screen in or close to most zip codes in the United States (excluding Alaska).

What's important to remember is that Life Line Screening reviews, both negative, and positive, represent a small fraction of the number of people we have screened overall. The vast majority of our customers simply attend a screening, are satisfied with their experience, get their results, and move on to the next thing in their lives. We are an annual part of their preventive healthcare plan, like a dentist visit, or an annual physical.

"Every year, I look forward to the Life Line Screening. The tech is very good. He goes through all the necessary tests and gave a result. I [know] what I need to do to make any adjustments in my life. It's excellent. I recommend a lot of my friends to go and do the test, and they do."

For those that have a negative experience, we do the utmost to respond to those concerns. Whether people are unhappy because they had a long wait time, which can happen despite our best efforts, or they are confused and believe we have "fake ultrasound," we take every comment seriously. This is why we have an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, because not only are the number of complaints miniscule compared to our overall number of customers but because we work with every customer to resolve any issue.

While LifeLine Screening does work with every customer, a person searching the internet may not see how things are resolved in a timely manner because discussion of health information is protected and must remain private. We take complaints off line. Let's take a fictional example of someone who waited longer than they expected at a site and said the staff seemed rushed.

In a case like that, we'll ask the customer for details including their name and address and when and where they were screened. Then, we'll investigate what happened at the site that day. It may be that a customer at the site needed more time with our staff than expected, which put the technicians behind and then they felt and acted rushed as a result. The upset participant will never know that is what happened, because our staff can't announce that. The only thing they know is that they didn't have the best experience, but we can investigate and explain, which usually makes the customer feel a little better to know that there was a legitimate reason. If a complaint is more specific, such as needing a copy of the results, we'll address that quickly too.

Many people tell us that we helped them or their loved ones, which puts a smile on our faces and motivates us to keep doing better.

We love stories like this one, posted on our Facebook page:

"My husband has 90% blockage. Thanks to lifeline screening his life was saved. It detected very irregular heartbeat."

Or these, posted on the BBB page:

What a lucky break for me...they found a badly occluded Carotid Artery. Been check by my Doc with a scope but she never found it...Life screen did. Now to get it fixed! Thanks!!!!!

This screening literally saved my brother's life. An Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm was found. It was already over 5 cm. He had it repaired and is on his way to recovery.

Sometimes, we even get reviews from former colleagues (Facebook):

I used to work for Life Line Screening about 20 years ago. It was an excellent company back then and I'm sure it's even better now. I saw countless lives saved/prolonged. I'm a few years away from signing up for screening and I will do it. Absolutely worth the price.

Life Line Screening welcomes reviews, whether they come under life line screening reviews 2018 or 2019 or any year, or are addressed to life screening. We answer to any name, and know that satisfied, happy clients are our best assets. We want to be a part of your preventive healthcare plan, and if you want to share a story or comments with us, please do so. Go to the Contact Us link in the footer of our web page, or, join our active Facebook Community (@life.line.screening) and out Twitter feed, @Life_Line.

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