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Did you know dental cleanings can impact your lung health? Or that women are more at risk for heart disease than breast cancer? Our Healthy Living articles are here to help you stay informed and learn simple changes that can lead to a meaningful long-term impact.


5 common heart health myths debunked

As the number one cause of death in both men and women, knowledge is power when it comes to preventing heart conditions. Whether it runs in your family or not, this is one health issue you shouldn’t ignore. “Unfortunately, everyone has an old wives’ tale associated with heart disease and cardiovascular health, says Dr. Andy Manganaro, chief medical officer at Life Line Screening. “For example, many women don’t know they are more likely to die of heart disease than breast cancer.”
Heat and Sleep - Healthy Living
Heat and Sleep
The rising nighttime temperatures that come with climate change could mean poorer sleep for millions, a new study suggests.
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Being Fit Helps Stroke Recovery  - Healthy Living
Being Fit Helps Stroke Recovery
People who were active and exercised regularly before their stroke were less likely to face disability after the attack, researchers say.
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Flip Flop Food-Fails - Healthy Living
Flip Flops are Fun but Foot-Fails
Americans love flip-flops - just slip them on, and you're out the door. But, the unstructured footwear can cause problems, on expert says.
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