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Quiet Health Threats: Ailments People Don't Notice Until It's Too Late

Joelle Reizes

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With today’s advancements in modern technology, science, and medicine, the quality of human health has increased significantly. Ailments and diseases that were once considered fatal are often now considered mild and easy to diagnosis and address.Vaccinations, a true miracle of modern science, have helped eradicate some diseases and provided protection to millions. Flu vaccines, measles, and mumps are prime examples, as are our newer cancer treatments and understandings of chronic issues such as cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis.

Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of a medical affliction because some develop without overt symptoms and therefore the problem progresses over time and can become severe without anyone noticing.

In some cases, these conditions, even chronic diseases, might seem negligible, or you convince yourself it will go away on its own. While that may be the truth for some things, it could also be indicative of a much larger problem that surfaces later on.

These health risks, the ones that you don’t know you suffer from until it’s too late, are as dangerous now as ever. They quietly start to affect you until they become irreversible, unmitigable, or untreatable. As such, the only way to fend off some of these quiet health threats is to educate yourself on them and learn about your personal risk factors so you can intervene as early as possible, ensuring the best outcomes for you and your life.