Why does it take up to 14 days to receive my results?

Board-certified physicians review most results first, and then send them on for processing and mailing. If we find a condition that requires immediate attention, we will notify you on the day of your screening. Please note that Texas residents will not receive critical results until a doctor reviews.

What is a disease risk assessment?

It’s a scientific tool that uses quantitative data on health risk factors (like age, weight, cholesterol and glucose levels, family history of disease, etc.) to calculate a person’s risk of getting certain diseases/conditions.

What is Life Line Screening’s 6 for Life?

Our disease risk assessment, called 6 for Life Health Assessment, is based on the most current scientific research, including the landmark Framingham Heart Study. It measures your risk of developing 6 chronic diseases—heart disease; stroke; type 2 diabetes; congestive heart failure; COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and lung cancer.

How are my risks calculated and how accurate are my results?

The clinical data gathered from your screening are analyzed with a disease risk algorithm that assigns different point values to each risk factor. The risk factors were identified from the most current scientific studies on the disease states, as well as older studies like the landmark Framingham Heart Study*, which is the foundation for all […]